Impressive New Dock Project for Marine Max Pensacola

Golden Marine Systems, a leading provider of innovative marine solutions based in Fort Myers, Florida, proudly announces the completion of the ‘B’ dock construction project for Marine Max Pensacola. Renowned for its exceptional specifications and seamless execution, the project underscores Golden Marine Systems’ commitment to excellence in marine infrastructure.

The newly constructed dock, extending an impressive 358 feet, boasts side-to-tie functionality and comprises 19 slips designed to accommodate vessels of up to 70 feet in length. Notably, the addition of a 100-foot fuel dock, featuring custom flotation tailored for a ship store, enhances the dock’s versatility and utility for boaters.

Key components of the project include Golden Marine Systems’ state-of-the-art 850 Series single track system, renowned for its reliability and performance. Further enhancing durability and aesthetics, the dock features Endeck PVC decking, ensuring enduring resilience against the elements. Additionally, the incorporation of 12″ GMS adjustable cleats ensures secure mooring, while pile guides and finger piers enhance functionality and safety for boaters.

GCG Construction, a reputable general contractor based in Fort Myers, Florida, played a pivotal role in overseeing execution, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Furthermore, installation management was expertly handled by Mid-Coast Marine, guaranteeing meticulous attention to detail throughout the project lifecycle.

Mike Shanley, President of Golden Marine Systems, expressed his gratitude for the seamless collaboration between Mid-Coast Marine and GCG Construction, citing their collective efforts as instrumental in the project’s resounding success. “The completion of the ‘B’ dock project for Marine Max Pensacola exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering superior marine solutions,” stated Shanley. “We are immensely proud of the craftsmanship and innovation showcased in this project, and we look forward to continuing to exceed the expectations of our clients.”